10 First Jobs that Will Be Eliminated by AI

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) is going to change the world. The change, however, would not be welcomed by everyone.

Do you know which jobs will be eliminated by AI?

If you are not new to artificial intelligence, you already know that AI can change how employment works. It can cut down jobs with automation.

So, should you be worried?

Well, it depends on what you do!

It is better to know the probability of your job getting replaced by AI than uninformed or misinformation.

By knowing the possibilities, you can prepare yourself and be ahead of the curve!

After all, knowledge is power, and keeping yourself updated can give you a distinct advantage.

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In general, any job that is monotonous and repeatable have the chance to get replaced.

So, which jobs are going to be eliminated by AI? Let’s explore.

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10 First Jobs that Will Be Eliminated by Artificial Intelligence

Data Entry Clerks

We think that data entry clerks are in grave danger. Their job has the highest chance to get automated. Any work that is monotonous or repeatable can be automated.

Most of the time, data entry jobs are boring. They require repetitive work and can quickly be done by machine.

If you are a data entry clerk, then you have to start thinking about expanding your skills. But, that doesn’t mean that data entry category will be going anywhere. There might be a new job that requires managing artificial automation intelligence and help them achieve their goal.

With ever-increasing data explosion, there are still chances that jobs can coexist with automation.

From a career point of view, you can try out data science — a challenging field where you fiddle with data from a scientific point of view, and make sense of the data.


Lawyers have one of the most challenging jobs. They do all the heavy lifting if something goes wrong.

But they are also on the radar of getting replaced by AI. The reason behind it is how the laws work. They work straightforward. However, that doesn’t mean that it can replace a bespoke lawyer.

AI can easily do the pre-trial process of gathering documents or even create contracts. Moreover, AI is also capable of handling small cases such as parking fines or speeding. Other common cases such as divorce, land-dispute, or others can also be handled by artificial intelligence.

So, who’s in danger? If you are a lawyer and looking for experience, then you will struggle to find cases.

In short, you should become a technology lawyer.


Self-driving cars are here. And, if you are a driver, you should already be aware of it.

There has been enormous growth when it comes to self-driving technology. Companies such as Tesla, Ford, Mercedes, etc. are working on their self-driving tech.

The autonomous auto-mobiles have already seen the success. Google is using self-driving cars to improve Google Maps.

So, does that mean drivers are losing their jobs? For now, they are not. But, slowly, self-driving autonomous cars are going to replace drivers as they are more efficient and have less chance to make mistakes.

Assembly Line Worker

The manufacturing industry is one of the most automated industries out there. Even before the advent of AI, it was heavily automated to maximize profit.

This means that assembly line workers are at higher risk of getting replaced by AI than before. Until now, most of the automation is done in the assembly line was to replace the repetitive task. But more delicate tasks were always done by an assembly line worker.

AI can bring the difference can become more efficient and take over more tasks within the assembly line.

Like an assembly line worker, your job will transit from managing the assembly line to managing robots. You will observe, regulate, and ensure that robots are working efficiently.

To remain relevant, you have to gain skills in robot workings and management. If you have the zeal, then you can also take on robot engineering, and learn how to make them!\


Translators can also see themselves replaced by AI sooner or later.

Right now, translations are a big part of the industry. There are translations jobs on popular freelancing platform or in the general market. But soon, things will change drastically with the improvement of voice and image recognition technology.

Many applications can translate using photos and images. You can also input the words in apps which can translate it for you.

So, if you are a translator, then you might have to find a new job! Also, if you are working in a high-working profile where accuracy matters a lot — including understanding cultural references, anecdotes, etc. then you are probably safe!

Sales Representative

Until now, marketing is all about the human touch. But that can be changing soon.

Companies are working towards automating the marketing process, especially the eCommerce. According to them, robots can sell better — and that might be true as they can be programmed to identify the customer’s need better than a human being.

So, as a sales representative, what do you do? If you are selling a low-volume product at a high price, then you are secure in some way. But, if you are selling a high-volume product at a low price, then you might have to up your game.

High-price products are hard to sell, and thus, the sales representative selling them become more valuable.

Tax Preparer

Did you pay your tax? If you do, then you have to do it with the help of Tax preparer. Tax payment is a must-do step for everyone out there which happens every year(for people working in industry)

If you pay your taxes, you know that every time you need to follow the same method of submitting your taxes.

This is where AI comes it. With AI, the monotonous work can be automated, removing the need for any tax preparer.

As a professional tax preparer, you may have to do a different aspect of your job that handles tax submission.


So, what does that mean for you as a journalist? Do you have to worry about your job? Not really! Bots are not capable of offering opinions or even giving a story a human touch. They are good at telling factual stories. AI can become your friend in gathering information and providing the info in a well-structured manner. This way you do not have to worry about writing boring pieces — and you can invest your time on more creative pieces.


How would you feel if robots that provide delivery your pizza? Will you like it? The chances are that you will not care much!

These autonomous delivery bots are capable of maneuvering around the complicated city roads. They are also capable of parking and interacting with the buyer. In an era where parking is becoming a big thing, robots can change the whole landscape.

Amazon is in dire need of more delivery personal as they are expanding their business. So, if you are a delivery man, then you can find yourself unemployed in distant future. However, it is hard to estimate how much time it will take.

Fast Food Worker

The last job that we are going to discuss is the fast-food worker. The change has already started, and fast-food workers are replaced with Kiosks that are efficient in managing the demand.

Until now, McDonald’s and Panera have started to replace workers with Kiosk.

The change is brought to reduce the cost of workers. Robots are now fully capable of preparing food, cleaning, and servicing. Companies now do not have to worry about minimum wage rise and the shortage of workers.

As a fast-food worker, we recommend you to dive deep into other skill sets.

What are the safest jobs that won’t get affected by AI?

Some computers can do creative work, but they lack the touch of humans.

The effect of AI is hard to estimate. AI can improve many jobs by acting as an add-on rather than a replacement. Some jobs may be completely automated, but they would require a human touch.

Also, it is not wise to say that jobs will get vanished entirely, but their roles might get changed in the future. Lawyers, for example, will be developing systems that automate basic stuff.

Can both Humans and AI coexist?

Yes, they can! There will always be a job that would require human assistance. AI is not capable of handling emotions or the behaviors of humans completely.

Can AI replace engineers?

Engineers are mostly safe from AI. Engineer’s job is complex and hard to automate. However, some aspects of their jobs will get automated. You can read more about it here.

How to prepare yourself for the future?

Change is inevitable, and robots are coming. So, what you can do as an individual to prepare yourself for the future?

For starters, you need to begin focusing on new skills. Also, you should pick a skill that you think is going to be in-demand in the future. Also, having multiple skills can give you more chance of survival in the uncertain future market.

So, what do you think about the AI and its impact on the jobs of the future? Comment below and let us know.

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