A Recap of Our Successful October Telegram AMA

We successfully hosted our Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on November 3rd on our official Telegram channel. The community interacted with company CEO Michael J. Garbade in which members asked as many questions as the allocated time — an hour — allowed.

Keeping in line with the true spirit of the AMA, community members asked any questions they had in mind, except on price speculation and token shilling. We are not a pump and dump vaporware project.

We want to give a big thank you to all those who participated in the AMA. We thank you for the questions you posted and to those who posted their questions via email or after the AMA had ended, we are going to answer them in a blog post.

We leave no stone unturned.

Questions and more questions

The purpose of the AMA was for our community members to ask any questions they had or get clarification on anything related to the project. And the participants did a very good job in keeping Michael busy during the session.

In a nutshell, the questions revolved around our roadmap, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, listing our token on bigger exchanges, partnerships, future outlook of the edtech industry and even how Brexit will likely affect Education Ecosystem’s operations.

There were interesting questions that deserved and received detailed answers.

We are now working on getting the Ledu token listed on bigger exchanges with large trading volumes. The AMA participants asked if we were thinking of migrating from Ethereum to other blockchains due to the increase in miner fees. We have looked at the possibility of doing so but we will not be migrating. The Ethereum upgrade is coming soon and we hope that it will lower the gas fees, making it cheaper to conduct microtransactions.

We are using different methods to appeal to experienced developers to create practical tutorials on our platform. We have set aside some funds to give out grants to developers to create content when the need arises.

I missed the AMA

This is a busy world. Some people missed the AMA dues to factors beyond their control. We know and we understand that. We are going to publish a blog post of the questions asked.

Our AMAs take place on the last Friday of each month. We will host our next AMA on November 27th. See you then.

Stay safe.




Founder & CEO of Education Ecosystem. Serial entrepreneur with experience from Amazon, GE & Rebate Networks, https://www.education-ecosystem.com/

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Dr. Michael J. Garbade

Dr. Michael J. Garbade

Founder & CEO of Education Ecosystem. Serial entrepreneur with experience from Amazon, GE & Rebate Networks, https://www.education-ecosystem.com/

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